Rapid Fat Loss, Guided by Your Gut

We kick off your journey with your gutDNA Analysis and generate 3 digestive reports

Utilizing a sample of your hair we generate 3 digestive reports that guide your program based on its results for food intolerances, vitamin deficiencies and toxins. You drop pounds and reduce inflammation based on the customization of the program to your gut

You do a ZOOM consultation with your coach to uncover your gut data and personalized nutrition plan for fat loss.

Based on your gut analysis we personalize your weight loss strategy to reset your gut health and waistline in days not months with a gut guided food strategy. This is designed for both fat loss and maintenance phases. Your slimMetrics are also calculated for you utilizing your gutDNA so you can finally understand what the right portions are for you for fat loss and daily habits.

Lose 0.5 to 1lb of fat loss daily, getting to your goal in days not months.

Within 24 hours of kicking off your protocol, you will wake up to 0.5 to 1 pound of fat loss. While your targeted fat stores, your gut is also experiencing a reset and repair as you follow your slimMetrics personalized by your gutDNA data. All products on SlimReset are prescribed for you, medical grade and fulfilled by our Canadian Pharmacy Partners.

Your coach is available a tap away for a text, email, phone call or zoom for face to face support

There is no need to take time out of your day to drive into a clinic. Your data is always connected between you and your coach for individualized, real-time support for weight loss progress and food guidance on the go!

You also receive 30 days of stabilization to successfully maintain your results after you've lost the weight.

While other programs charge extra for maintenance we  include it because we understand getting to your weight loss goal is important but feeling confident so that you know how to eat and maintain is critical too. We're here for your entire journey.

Because we are medically prescribed there's partial or full benefit potential. We are also approved by Health Spending Accounts.

We provide insurance statements with our DIN's so you can claim coverage through your benefits team. 

Wondering what your slim journey investment will be?